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 FIRE Damage Clean-up & Restoration 

Febuary  3, 2020

Harden Services is proud to offer Fire Damage clean-up and restoration services. At Harden Services we pride our selves on the customer experience so with that being said we want to walk you through how we will go through the process of a Fire Damage restoration project.  First off our heart goes out to you, we know this a very difficult time. Once you call Harden Services a team of highly trained and respectful Restoration Professional's tm will show up to you front door. You will be met by a Project Manager who will walk you through the process and photograph everything. They will ask your who your insurance company is and if you have the name and number of your adjuster. We ask for this we make sure everything we do is approved by you're insurance company.

Once We have that information we will then walk through the paperwork with you and make sure all your questions are answered. We will get approval's from the adjuster to start emergency services and plan for pack out of contents any demo that may need to be done and plan for the reconstruction portion if needed. At Harden Services we are with you from the word go to rebuild. We are "Restoring Homes, Restoring Hope" tm 

Biohazard Clean-up & Restoration

February 2, 2020

We at Harden Services love to give our customers a look into the services we offer. Biohazard Restoration is sometimes a mystery. What is it , why would I need a service like this?  Those are all really good questions, You hopefully never need these services but in the case of loved one passing away at home or in the nursing home people will call a company such as Harden Services to come in clean up the mess disinfect and sanitize the area. You may also need this type of service if there has been a suicide or murder in the property. We work with local law enforcement agencies to make sure they have cleared the scene. We use a process that will have the property clean and sanitized in no time at all. We understand that when something like this happens it can be difficult and we want to approach every job with compassion and integrity .

Water Damage Restoration

January 15, 2020

So doing a blog is a little new to us here at Harden Services. I thought I would start with one of our most popular services. Water Damage Restoration. Weather it is a major flood or a broken pipe or a washing machine overflow or our favorite a sewer back-up. We have seen it and we are happy to be your contractor of choice. We work with your insurance company and well we can handle any size water damage project weather Residential Water Damage and Commercial Water Damage. We are a start to finish firm. What does that mean? It means Harden Services can be your contractor from the clean-up too the rebuild of any project. We have over 13 years experience in the Restoration and Construction trades. That is why they call for Harden by name.